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"Everything that WHITE EAGLE has done comes from the core belief that all human beings have the necessary tools, skills and experiences to assist themselves, their family, clients, business, and community in the movement towards awareness, change and personal empowerment."
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Channeled by White Eagle
My Awakening Journal - White EagleMy Awakening Journal
A Journey to Enlightment
This journey that we walk is guided by those that walked this journey before us.
Today we shift the World. This second is a journey to your destination.
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My Awakening Journal - White EagleI'm very excited about the launch of my new book.
This book is certainly for you,

  • If you are looking for more answers to your own questions on your own journey of spiritual growth.
  • If you are feeling confused, or stuck even after everything that you have tried and now want to move forward on your own individual path.
  • If you are looking for inspiration, shared insights and ways to "Enlighten" your-"Self".

This book provides on more then 270 pages more than guidance and inspiration!

It encourages you to let the shared insights which were channelled by me and others resonate with you own inner truth; finding your own path or continuing your awakening journey in an even brighter light.

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