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"Everything that WHITE EAGLE has done comes from the core belief that all human beings have the necessary tools, skills and experiences to assist themselves, their family, clients, business, and community in the movement towards awareness, change and personal empowerment."
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Channeled by White Eagle
My Awakening Journal - White EagleMy Awakening Journal
A Journey to Enlightment
This journey that we walk is guided by those that walked this journey before us.
Today we shift the World. This second is a journey to your destination.
Book Excerpt
My Awakening Journal - White EagleAs I sit here in this moment attempting to find the way to get this book out into the world, many consciously manifested thoughts run through my brain. These thoughts cascade one on top of another until finally, a new thought bursts forward and becomes the priority of now.

This new thought is manifested through hearing a bird singing in the distance. All my focus is now on imagining what it would be like to be this bird. I am now the bird flying, and I instantly know that all is well with me. This is my priority, my purpose. I am now fully connected to this moment “now” in the realm that I exist in. For this moment I am the bird soaring over the lake, seeing the water glistening in the sunshine, the other birds flying around me, and echoing the language that is so well known to me. Clarity comes to me with the knowledge that in this moment I can be who I am. This moment provides me with a profound feeling of freedom. There is no judgment, no thought, only an endless expanse of eternal moments of now. Moving and soaring freely, I become who it is that I am. No longer the bird; my body moves in synchronicity with this momentary feeling of freedom. Relaxed, relying only upon myself, the wind beneath my wings, not only am I in this moment, I AM this moment, as I let my physical being fly and soar with the ease that was the bird.

As I open and connect to everything that exists around me, an overwhelming emotion emerges within my body. This emotion is the total connection of love and peace that comes from within me and surges out from me to all within my reality at this moment in this space and time. It’s all here, right now. The expansion from myself through emotion to everything existing on earth plane provides me with an overwhelming sense of connection, harmony and gratitude, for every living creature on earth. I know that it is time for all to come together in peace and harmony with all that exists in our world. This peace and harmony will begin with me finding it within myself, as you find it within yourself. It is called coming from the “heart” or inner being. This is our spiritual connection to the universe and beyond or “all that is”.

Mass consciousness, as it is understood from the outside of me, has a strong mental, physical, emotional and spiritual link to what I personally require in my world as I create it for me. Expansion of me, “a human”, assists me to understand that I am the key through my personal wellness to the wellness of my earth and all that exists in my world for me. My continual presence mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually is my present, a gift to me, to my earth, and to all that exists in this moment with me NOW. This gift has been left dormant within my being for a very long time.

I am now awakening to the valuable insights that are provided to me through those who have gone before me, who are me. This is the “Silent Knowledge of the Channel Within,” “The Gift of Mind, Body, Emotion and Spirit,” that is me, that I now give to you.

Peace, love, light and blessings be with you in this monumental moment which is NOW.

It is from this “Channel Within,” that these messages are forwarded to you and to your world as you create it in the eternal now.