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"Everything that WHITE EAGLE has done comes from the core belief that all human beings have the necessary tools, skills and experiences to assist themselves, their family, clients, business, and community in the movement towards awareness, change and personal empowerment."
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Channeled by White Eagle
My Awakening Journal - White EagleMy Awakening Journal
A Journey to Enlightment
This journey that we walk is guided by those that walked this journey before us.
Today we shift the World. This second is a journey to your destination.

About the Book

Many people today are confused about how to become an “Enlightened” Human Being!

I am asked every day what the secret is in learning how to channel, know what I know, and help people to be all that they are.

Is there an answer to these questions?

Yes, the answers exist within you.

This book is a journal of my Journey to Enlightenment.

It is a book of sharing that will assist you to recognize and become all that you are Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually on your personal road to enlightenment!

Enjoy your Journey!